About us


Emperor Saffron company specializes in researching, developing, packaging & marketing premium grade saffron globally

Saffron is globally known as a 'gourmet spice'  known for its incomparable quality, fascinating fragrance, pleasant flavor and super coloring strength 
Saffron is a natural spice, 100% Pure, Premium grade, harvested at best farms in Herat, Afghanistan

Emperor Saffron is grown in the north eastern province of Herat, a region renowned for its low-lying, arid valleys.  unparalleled Afghan ‘red gold’ has been awarded world’s best saffron* for three years in a row. ​It is recognizable by its long strands and its deep red color
* International Taste & Quality Institute of Brussels


Brand: Emperor Saffron

Luxury and Sustainability need not be contradictory  When you think of Luxury - You think of Quality

It's about Durability - It's about timelessness, It's also about sustainability about the product

With Luxury comes an experience and an experience  you want to remember

cause if you have the right experience, you always go back to luxury

Emperor :  World's Finest Saffron